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Upcoming Channel Updates

At PlayStation™Vue, we continuously work to provide our loyal customers with an enhanced TV experience which includes a robust channel lineup. At times we may make updates to this lineup which could include channel changes, feed changes, or channels moving to a different subscription package. This Upcoming Channel Changes section will be updated periodically to reflect possible changes from time to time to keep customers informed.

February 2019

  • Launching Smithsonian Channel West Coast Feed
    • Added to Core Plan and above
      • Customers need to re-favorite channel and add content back to My DVR

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Upcoming Renewals

Most of the programming/content you watch on PlayStation™Vue is licensed from programmers for the right to air their networks/channels. Once these agreements near expiration, we enter into arms-length negotiations where we work hard to try and obtain the best value for our customers. It is possible that the parties fail to come to agreement on terms that work for both sides and contracts for certain channels will not be renewed, in which case PlayStation™Vue would no longer have the right and license to carry those channels. There may be other market conditions that affect the availability of certain channels or programming. While we think these cases are rare, the upcoming contracts listed below may expire. Sometimes negotiations may get extended so these dates are subject to change. This Upcoming Renewals section will be updated periodically to reflect any possible changes to access to channels.

January 2019

  • MGM HD
  • Hi YAH!

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*Dates and channel changes listed above are subject to change.