Download two new multiplayer maps made for the release of The Last of Us™ Remastered. The Beach map features two distinct environments; there's a large and more open beach area as well as a close, densely packed sewers area in which you can hunt for supplies for your clan. Financial Plaza is a maze-like, city area with sniper perches and other outlets that allow you to escape or take the combat in closely.

All maps were created from the ground up using our innovative tech, lighting and particle effects. The Last of Us™ multiplayer world is now bigger. Take your Faction out to survive and endure these new domains.

Download the free Treacherous Territories for The Last of Us™!


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Scoped Weapons Bundle

  • For the player who appreciates accuracy in their multiplayer game, zoom in and take aim in The Last of Us Factions mode with these four scoped weapons. Includes Scoped Semi-Auto Rifle, Scoped Fully-Auto Rifle, Scoped Burst Rifle, and Variable Rifle.
  • The scoped version of the Semi-Auto Rifle allows you to target opponents at long range with more ease.
  • Make your enemies regret running and hiding with this scoped version of the Fully-Auto Rifle.
  • Locate your target better from long-range with this scoped version of the Burst Rifle.
  • Fast and accurate rifle that downs in four shots. Press X while aiming to use the variable scope zoom.

Double Map Bundle

Two multiplayer map packs for one low price. Includes eight maps in total: Suburbs, Bus Depot, Hometown, and Bookstore from the Abandoned Territories Map Pack and Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower from the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack

Ultimate Head Item Pack

Get every head item ever made for The Last of Us in this ultimate head item pack. Save over 60% versus buying these items via other bundles. Over 75 items in total including all bundle exclusive head items. Items for use in Factions multiplayer mode only.