The Last of Us Remastered

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the changes between the PS3 and PS4 System version?

Notable New Features
  • Native 1080p Resolution.
  • Frame rate targets 60 frames per second.
  • Higher Resolution Character Models (2x shadow maps).
  • Improved Shadows and Lighting (4x texture maps).
  • No Texture Streaming off of disc.
  • Longer Draw Distances.
  • Improved Level of Detail system.
  • PS4 System specific features:
    • Control scheme - L2 and R2 triggers for aim and fire (option to revert to PS3 scheme if desired).
    • Touch Pad - press to open and close Joel's backpack for crafting, player upgrades, collectibles.
    • Light Bar - color changes to reflect player health during combat after taking damage.
    • Controller Speaker - Plays Flashlight sound effects and tape recorder audio.
    • Photo Mode - take unique in-game photos of the single player campaign that can be shared or saved.
  • Audio Menu and Settings Enhancements:
    • All audio assets updated to the highest bit rate ATRAC9 codec.
    • Enhanced environmental audio including updated reverb algorithms.
    • Added new Audio Output options for specific device types including more customization for dynamic range and speaker angles.
    • Native support for Sony surround headphones with specific preset for Elite and Gold models.
  • Abandoned Territories Map Pack included on disc, no additional download required.
  • Reclaimed Territories Map Pack included on disc, no additional download required.
  • The Last of Us™: Left Behind included on disc, no additional download required.
  • Grounded difficulty mode included on disc, no additional download required.
  • Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us documentary available to watch in Bonuses > Gallery > Cinematics viewer.
  • Director's commentary for in-game cinematics from the main narrative featuring Creative Director/Writer - Neil Druckmann, Voice Actor - Troy Baker (Joel), and BAFTA Award winning Voice Actress - Ashley Johnson (Ellie).

What is included on disc for the PS4 System version?

  • Full The Last of Us game - single-player and multiplayer.
  • Abandonded Territories Map Pack.
  • Reclaimed Territories Map Pack.
  • Left Behind single player campaign expansion.
  • Grounded difficulty mode for the single-player campaign mode.

I bought the Season Pass/DLC on PS3 do I need to rebuy all of that content?

All Add-On content for The Last of Us will be cross buy at launch. That means you do not have to purchase any DLC content twice for it to work with The Last of Us Remastered. If you own the PS3 version you will just need to find the same DLC for the PS4 version through the in-game store or the PlayStation™ Store and download onto your PS4.

I played The Last of Us on PS3. The controls have changed. Can I change them back?

Yes, you have the option to revert to the PS3 control scheme if you desire. To revert back go into the menu, select 'Options' then 'Controls'. In the 'Controls' section highlight 'Aim and Fire' under 'Mappings' and select 'L1 and R1'. You can achieve this at any point in the game by selecting 'Options' from the pause menu. We have also added a 'southpaw' setting.

How does Photo Mode work?

Photo Mode is essentially an in-game camera you can control when action in the game is paused. It's a way for you to create and manipulate screenshots to make unique photos you can save and share online via the 'Share' button. The best explanation is this tutorial video:

Where can I watch the Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us documentary?

It's available in the 'Cinematics Viewer' under the 'Gallery' option in the 'Bonuses' section of the main menu. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the cinematics after unlocking the first cutscene.

How many Trophies are included in The Last of Us Remastered?

50 Total in 5 trophy Groups (1 Platinum, 9 Gold, 18 Silver, and 22 Bronze). To earn Platinum you do not need to get any trophies from the DLC. The 8 trophies you can earn on each DLC map have been altered for the PS4 System version. The trophies are:
  • Bookstore
  • Hometown
  • Bus Depot
  • Suburbs
  • Wharf
  • Water Tower
  • Coal Mine
  • Capitol

We have changed those trophies to require the player to get 5 downs or executions with no restrictions on deaths on each map in any MP game mode. This will make these trophies much easier to get but still require the players to contribute to the match.

Do I need to complete Grounded mode to earn my Platinum Trophy?

The Platinum Trophy has the same requirements as the PS3 version. Completing The Last of Us on Grounded difficulty is not needed to get the Platinum Trophy, although there are 2 standalone Glod Trophies associated with completing the Grounded difficult mode.

Will my Single Player Campaign progress carry over?

No, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity for all players to experience the narrative with all Remastered features and qualities.

How do you unlock New Game Plus? What is it?

You must beat the game on a any difficulty to access New game Plus. For instance, if you beat the game on Survivor Difficulty you can play New Game Plus on Survivor and all difficulty levels lower than that. New Game Plus allows you to start the journey over with all the skills and leveling up you earned in your first playthrough.

How do I access Left Behind? Can I play it first or do I have to complete the full game?

You can start Left Behind at any time from the main menu. You don't have to complete the full single player campaign but it's highly recommended if you haven't played The Last of Us all the way through before that you do so in order to avoid spoilers and get the best experience.

Will my Trophy progress carry over?

No, The Last of Us Remastered has its own Trophy listing in your Trophy set.

Will my Factions progress carry over?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to carry over your Factions player data, but we will be offering a special bonus of 1,000 supply points for those Hunters and Fireflies who have PS3 player profile data to get them on a fast track on their Factions journey on the PS4 System.

I'm new to Factions mode. Will I get any support?

New players will now start off with 9 loadout points instead of 8. The progression of unlocking loadout points has been altered a bit so the furthest loadout unlock has been removed. Unlocks will start at 9 loadout points now. These two changes will allow players to reach 13 loadout points sooner in the progression and create better custom loadouts earlier.

Can I play Factions with my friends who only own the PS3 version?

Unfortunately, you will only be able to play with users on the PS4 System version. We are working on ways to make the playlist for the different player pools manageable and straightforward.

What other changes will be happening to Factions in The Last of Us Remastered?

Thanks to the power of the PS4 System and some of our engineering talent you'll see significantly faster load times. Also, with the two DLC map bundles included, the DLC playlist have been combined into the main playlistfor improved matchmaking.

PS4 System Audio Setup Guide

To get the best audio from your PS4 System, it needs to be configured correctly to match your audio equipment. In most cases, using HDMI for your primary audio output port ensures that configuration is automatic, and because of that, this is the preferred output port to use on the PS4 System. Unfortunately, there are some setups for which the automatic configuration does not work as expected. Also, if using the optical output, configuration isn't automatic and must be configured manually. It's important to note that these audio configuration issues happen with any equipment, including other game systems, media players, and computers. However, for this guide, the focus is specifically on addressing common audio setup issues to ensure that you're hearing everything exactly as intended on the PS4 System.

Incorrect channel configuration

Channel configuration is generally automatic for HDMI, but is always manual for optical output. Unfortunately, some HDMI equipment deliberately misrepresents its native channel configuration, and then intentionally downmixes or discards the extra channels. While this isn't always an issue when watching movies, it's a very big problem for games. Movies typically only use the surround channels for ambience or an occasional front-to-back effect. Games are different: they render positional audio to all channels, all the time. If the channel configuration is incorrect, game sounds can attenuate or drop out completely. Some example setups that might cause this:

  • TV sets with 2 speakers that misrepresent as 5.1 or 7.1 channel devices over HDMI
  • Receivers that are configured for 2.0 of 5.1 but misrepresent as 7.1 channel devices over HDMI
  • HDMI switchers and splitters that hide or misrepresent the actual channel configuration
  • PS4 System optical output not configured to match target equipment

Symptoms of incorrect channel configuration are:

  • Missing or heavily attenuated dialog
  • Sounds not panning around the player with even volume levels
  • Sounds heavily attenuated or missing when directly behind the player
  • All sounds playing from the front in a surround 5.1/7.1 setup
  • No audio

It's critical to make sure that the PS4 System knows exactly which primary output port to use, and how many channels it needs to output on that port to match your equipment setup. Although some equipment can automatically downmix multichannel audio, this is never going to sound as good as having the correct channel setup identified in the PS4 System's settings. Positional audio for games is rendered completely differently depending on the channel configuration, so for this reason any downmix done by the output device will always be inferior. First, determine how many channels you should be outputting:

  • If you are using a television set's internal speakers, you should always be outputting 2.0
  • If you are using an AV receiver or other form of surround sound speaker setup, you should be outputting 2.0, 5.1, or 7.1 depending on whether you have 2, 6, or 8 speakers, respectively

If you need to force the PS4 System to output 2.0 channel audio on the primary output port, either because of HDMI channel misrepresentation issues, or because you simply know you are listening on 2 speakers and want to ensure the PS4 System stays in 2.0 channel mode, then do the following:

  • Boot up the PS4 System and access the Settings menu
  • Select 'Sound and Screen', 'Audio Output Settings', 'Primary Output Port'
  • Select 'DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL)'. Note that you should select this regardless of whether or not you are intending to use HDMI; in this case the PS4 System willoutput audio to both optical and HDMI ports simultaneously
  • Make sure that the first three checkboxes are NOT checked (Dolby Digital 5.1ch, DTS 5.1ch, AAC). This will force the PS4 System to only output 2.0 channel audio regardless of the HDMI configuration
  • Select 'OK' to apply
  • Select 'Audio Format (Priority)'
  • Check 'Linear PCM'

If you have a 5.1 speaker setup but your PS4 System is detecting and outputting 7.1 over HDMI, you need to let the PS4 System know that you prefer 5.1 output mode. Otherwise, sounds may disappear when sent directly to the back channels which are missing from the 5.1 configuration. Do the following:

  • Boot up the PS4 System and access the Settings menu
  • Select 'Sound and Screen', 'Audio Output Settings', 'Primary Output Port', 'HDMI'
  • Make sure the checkbox 'Output 5.1ch Audio' is selected
  • Select 'OK' to apply the changes

If you're only hearing 2.0 output from 5.1/7.1 setup, this could mean that you are either using the wrong output port, or that you have not enabled the correct output formats in the PS4 System audio setup.

If you are using HDMI, you should normally get 5.1 or 7.1 LPCM output automatically if the attached device supports it. Make sure that you have enabled HDMI as the primary output port. Do the following:

  • Boot up the PS4 System and access the Settings menu
  • Select 'Sound and Screen', 'Audio Output Settings', 'Primary Output Port'
  • Select 'HDMI OUT'
  • Make sure that the 'Output 5.1ch Audio' is checked if you need 5.1 output, or unchecked if you need 7.1 channel output
  • Select 'OK' to apply the changes
  • Select 'Audio Format (Priority)'
  • Check 'Linear PCM'

Note that some devices such as HDMI switchers or splitters may still misrepresent the output configuration as 2.0, making it impossible to pass 5.1/7.1 LPCM audio even if HDMI output is correctly selected. Some early HDMI 1.0 equipment may not support 5.1/7.1 LPCM audio at all. In these cases, you must remove and/or replace the equipment, or enable bitstream audio output and switch to using the optical output instead of HDMI output.

If you are using optical output and expecting 5.1 audio, but instead hear 2.0 audio or no audio at all, make sure that you've enabled a 5.1ch bitstream output mode (Dolby Digital 5.1ch or DTS 5.1ch) that you know if compatible with you equipment. Note that you should only enable bitstream output if you are certain that you device supports it, otherwise you could damage your speakers if you attempt to play bitstream audio over an unsupported device. Some devices will also mute all audio completely if they detect an incompatible bitstream format. To enable bitstream audio over optical audio outputs:

  • Boot up the PS4 System and access the Settings menu
  • Select 'Sound and Screen', 'Audio Output Settings', 'Primary Output Port'
  • Make sure that one of the first two checkboxes is checked (Dolby Digital 5.1ch, DTS 5.1ch), depending on what bitstream format your equipment supports
  • Select 'OK' to apply the changes
  • Select 'Audio Format (Priority)'
  • Check 'Bitstream (Dolby)' or 'Bitstream (DTS)', matching what you selected in the primary output port settings

Dialog is soft or inaudible in cutscenes and/or during gameplay

There are a couple of possibilities for this, depending on your equipment. If you have an AV receiver set up for surround sound (5.1 or 7.1), but you don't actually have a center speaker, it's important to set up your receiver's speaker configuration so that it knows to send center channel audio to the left and right speakers instead. Otherwise, center channel audio will be simply discarded. Many movies will only play dialog in the center channel, and some games never play dialog in the center; some of either can also play dialog across all speakers, so this problem may not be immediately apparent. In other words, just because one game or movie has audible dialog and another does not, doesn't mean that you don't have a problem with your AV receiver setup. This can only be fixed by setting up your receiver's speaker configuration correctly. Every system is different, so you'll need to consult the manual for your receiver to find out how to configure it.

Another case where dialog can be soft or inaudible is when using a TV or other device with 'dialog enhancement', 'spatial enhancement', or any other number of unique proprietary sound processing techniques. Many of these processing techniques were designed specifically to work with movies, which mainly play dialog out of center only; this is not all true for games where dialog is positional and rendered all around the player. For games it is best to disable any of these sound enhancement techniques; this will usually solve positional audio volume issues. For TV speaker use, it's almost always best to force the PS4 System into 2.0 channel mode, which will then render the center channel audio to the front speakers automatically.